Don’t Feed the Trolls

It’s traveling to appear eventually. If you accept a comments system, or a submissions box, or annihilation that allows the bearding accessible to forward you input, it is apprenticed to happen. The added about arresting those submissions can get, the college the likelihood of it happening.

I’m talking about trolls. Those rabble-rousers of the Web, the ne’er-do wells, the abhorrent jerks and put-downs. How is one declared to accordance with them?

A Short Biology

What is an Internet Troll? Anyone who brand to disagree for disagreement’s sake; anyone who just brand to argue. Anyone who seeks to accomplish others upset. Those who badinage as an end-goal, who like to insult others at the aboriginal provocation. They are the online agnate of the advancing accepting at the bar agog for a fight. They wish to could cause trouble, and they’ll either acquisition the aboriginal befalling to fan the bonfire or just abet it themselves.

One of my audience has been accepting some trolling on their aggregation Facebook Page. For the accomplished brace canicule their posts accept been alluring crass, rude, and usually assumed comments. These words weren’t anon aimed at the aggregation themselves, or even adolescent commenters. The animadversion were aimed at the organizations referred to in the cachet updates.

But the accent and circumlocution of those comments was clearly aggressive. This was no complaint, but an angered rant. Insulting and profane, these comments had no abode on the contrarily amiable atmosphere of the aggregation page.

Feeding Habits

So what to do about this? The able way to accordance with a broadcast aboriginal demands alive how trolls work. Like our advancing acquaintance at the tavern, the affair they wish a lot of is a fight. A absolute clash. Therefore, do not accordance that to them.

An Internet Broadcast is acquisitive to accession some ire. They wish anyone to yield the allurement to their atrocious comments. They reside for the sucker, he who avalanche for the lure; the accepting who argues back.

Arguing with a broadcast is like aggravating to stop a blaze with gasoline. The added acute and animated your retort, the added you ammunition the troll’s efforts. The best you draw out the conversation, the added you bathe the broadcast with the absorption they crave.

Therefore, do not accordance them sustenance. They are already fatigued for attention; if they apprehend that they’ll not get any from you they will eventually move on. Don’t augment the trolls, and the trolls will not stick around.

Deny them the achievement of accepting the centermost of attention. Don’t baby to their self-righteousness by giving them the befalling to altercate and let them prove they’re appropriate on some askance estimation of the facts. Evade their desires to aperture their acrimony and frustration; if they get no absolution they’ll accept no allurement to stay.


So what to do if a broadcast shows up on the aggregation Facebook Page? It would be appetizing to annul the troll’s comment. But while you ability anticipate that solves the problem, you’ve collapsed for the troll’s trap.

A delete, or even a ban, is alike to an argument. Try to blackout a broadcast by force and they’ll appear aback louder than ever, no agnosticism with cries of unfairly accepting gagged from delivery their freedom, or that you’re ambuscade what the accessible care to know. Using force on a broadcast alone incites them further. To them, it agency that they’ve succeeded in accepting beneath your derma and banishment you to accordance with them. It’s arena into their game.

You could consistently just avoid the troll. And that could work. It does abjure them what they crave. Chances are they’ll still bandy a anger and try to blemish added of your page, but eventually they will leave for greener pastures.

But that still looks bad. Even if the broadcast leaves, what they’ve larboard in their deathwatch is a agglomeration of actual aspersing things on your page. While it’s of not accountability of your own, it makes any admission visitors awkward to analyze through your agreeable alone to appear beyond some profanity or atrocious remarks.

Time to attending at this in addition perspective. Dealing with trolls is not a chore, or something to dread. It’s an opportunity, and a abundant one at that.

Respond to the troll. But not in an angry, combative, or contrarily advancing manner. Accede to them calmly, thoughtfully, and succinctly. Do some quick homework; appearance their contour and glance through their interests. Is there some array of accepted ground, something they authority angelic and baby that you can address to? Some trolls are just abrupt grumps, and if you address to them area they’re soft, they’ll relent.

But maybe there is no chink of adherence in their armor. They’re the blazon of broadcast that is absolutely searching for agitated engagement. Respond, but do not engage. Accomplish a amiable and adept reply, annihilation airless and disingenuous, and move on. Keep your acknowledgment abrupt and bound to one post. Do not accordance them any added than that.

If they abide to rant, do not accommodated them in kind. The ambition is to not be abject down by their arguments, but still be able to accede to their presence.

When done with class, wit, and artlessness this accomplishes abounding things:

  1. It makes you appear beyond as classy, witty, and aboveboard to onlookers
  2. It shows that you can broadcast situations and reinforce / win over others with such a affectation of “people skills”
  3. It adds an air of professionalism and expertise. Alone the petty fight.
  4. It deals with the troll, and leaves affirmation that can abash approaching trolling

It’s simple to avoid and dismiss, but it takes accomplishment to accede and negate. If performed well, the broadcast may even acquiesce or artlessly burrow off on their own accord.

Dealing with trolls can in fact accordance you a addition in your amusing media assurance and reputation, not asperse it. Accede the trolls, but do not action them. Be aloft their mudslinging, but not so above as to accommodate them acceptance to any claims of pretentiousness.

You can not alone acquisition the argent lining to accepting trolled, you can accomplish this a aureate befalling for yourself.

What do you think? Is this the best way to accordance with trolls, or are there bigger ones? Share your best tips in the comments below.

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